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Where does our water come from, anyway?

The Beaver Borough Municipal Authority water treatment plant
is supplied from five ground water wells located along the northern
side of the Ohio river. The wells combine into a common header and
water flowing from the common header is injected with gaseous
chlorine before it enters an underground wet well. Gaseous chlorine
is automatically dosed. Three vertical turbine pumps are used to
distribute water to the Lions Lane storage tank and to the distribution
system. The Authority is working hard to identify water leakage in the
system and to make repairs to stop these leaks. Daily water production
has been greatly reduced by these efforts.

Beaver’s H2Operations

  • Beaver typically uses 560,000 gallons of water per day and meets all applicable standards including a modest amount of chlorine added as a required disinfectant. Annual water quality report is sent to all customers.
  • Beaver has the capacity to supply approximately 2 million gallons per day of water, which is more than adequate for its 4,500 residents and businesses.
  • Waste water treatment (sewage) plant has capacity to process 1 million gallons per day. Typically, 400,000 gallons per day are treated. In addition to Beaver residents, the plant services all of Bridgewater and portions of Brighton Township.