Water and sewage treatment services are provided by the Borough of Beaver.

  • Beaver has the capacity to supply approximately 2 million gallons per day of water which is more than adequate for its 4,500 residents and businesses. Typical usage is about 1 millions gallons per day.
  • Waste water treatment (sewage) plant has capacity to process 560,000 gallons per day. Typically, 400,000 gallons per day are treated. In addition to Beaver residents, the plant services all of Bridgewater and portions of Brighton Township.
  • Water is supplied from five wells approximately 60 feet below the surface. Water supply is independent of Ohio and Beaver Rivers. The source of Beaver’s water is an aquifer called the Wisconsin Glacial Flow also known as the Pittsburgh Underground River or the Fourth River.
  • Water meets all applicable standards including a modest amount of chlorine added as a required disinfectant. Annual water quality report is sent to all customers.
  • Fluoride is not added to the water supply in the Borough of Beaver.
  • Water Hardness 28-33 grains per gallon

Other Information

  • Property owner is responsible for water line and shut off valves from the Borough’s main line to the premises.
  • Borough of Beaver will assist the property owner in the repair or replacement of the water line to protect the integrity of the public water system and public street. This policy applies to the water service line between Borough’s main water line and property owners curb stop (shut off valve).
  • Property owner is responsible for maintaining the sanitary sewer service line from the main trunk line to the premises, including street replacement if necessary.
  • Plumbing services are readily available from a number of reliable local suppliers.
  • Insurance for water and sewer line repair is available through various companies.