• Water and sewer services are combined into one bill which is sent out to individual customers monthly.
  • Billing is calculated by combining a base fee for each service plus a usage fee as determined by water meter reading. 2024 rates as follows:
    • Base fee for water – $14.00 per month
    • Base fee for sewage (wastewater treatment) – $14.00 per month
    • Water use rate – $4.64 per 1,000 gallons
    • Sewage treatment rate – $8.51 per 1,000 gallons
  • Water supplied for irrigation is eligible for a reduced rate. The owner must purchase and install an additional meter, known as a deduct meter, that calculates water used exclusively for irrigation. Prevailing rate is charged for water; however, no fee is charged for wastewater treatment. Contact the Borough office for more details.

How do your rates compare to neighboring communities? Graph below shows 2017 rates.